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It all started with my nephew, when he was 15. He was diagnosed as Autistic from the age of 5. He was a sweet kid, but never really could look you directly in the eye and acknowledge that he knows you and feels a connection.

He enjoyed watching cartoons, simple videos for kids - they would keep him engaged for hours and he could watch the same bit again and again - even the opening logo of a kids video.

One day I noticed a pattern - any time he saw the rolling credits at the end of a show, he would stand in front of the screen, fully absorbed as if it was the most fascinating film he’d ever seen!

I spoke to his parents and they confirmed what I noticed - he loved credits. And for his 16th birthday, we decided to make him a compilation of all of the rolling credits from his favorite shows, only switching some of the text from the credits with happy birthday messages from family.

He was blown away! It was the only present he acknowledged. He watched it again and again and for the first time I could see some sentiment on his face, emotion when the messages from family members came in. It was a the first time ever we had seen him express such emotion. It was moving for all of us
The next day he sent me the first text message ever from his mom’s phone “I love the video, Elon.” 5 simple words that cracked my heart wide open.
That is why we created POPPINS

POPPINS is a Netflix-like streaming service designed  to match the needs and habits of those diagnosed with ASD. 

What makes it "ASD special"?
You have probably noticed that your child loves watching video on whatever screen, and you  likely noticed that the content and the way it is watched in YouTube and Netflix  is, well, not like yours. They are uniquely nuanced in so many ways. 
POPPINS is all about those nuances. 

The service mixes special content with special user experience. 
The content is tailored to match ASD's most popular themes and priorities such as animation, movies, end-credits and so on. The  user experience focuses on  filters and features that cater to ASD most common cognitive needs.

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We are working hard to launch Poppins early 2023 and will update you as soon as everything is ready

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